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Amanda McDowell

Arrow Maker Outreach
ARROW MAKER OUTREACH (A.M.O.) is a  non- profit organization designed to provide educators and instructors with classroom management tools and incentives specifically where at least 50% of the students demonstrate at risk behavior and academic problems.  *We specifically target 2nd and 5th grades as well as alternative junior high classrooms where academic progress is impeded by behavioral disruptions.

Simply put, we use the oldest motivator known to man to encourage good behavior and academic progress- MONEY!  Trained by the A.M.O. team, teachers use resources provided by A.M.O. and earned/sponsored by the class to give immediate rewards and consequences for behavior and academic progress.  An added benefit is that students learn the true correlation between academic success, self control and monetary gain.

2nd grade uses pretend money and "money bags." 
5th grade uses real money and "check books"; 
Alternative Junior High students use debit cards


We get our finances through donations, endowments, grants, speaking and training conferences and by selling donated items through eBay store, LOUISIANA TITHER'S TRUST.  Students and teachers can earn money and watch their money grow for their specific classrooms by donating good used items and empty, usable boxes to ARROW MAKER OUTREACH, in that room's name.  In other words, we all work our fannies off, but we have a lot of fun.  If you would like to donate to this wonderful and unique cause, email